Could not initialize Direct3D... help?!

I can't play games because it tells me that I need to check if the latest version of DirectX is correctly installed on my system. Also make sure that this program was compiled with header files that match the installed DirectX DLLs.

So I've downloaded DirectX 11. Still doesn't work.
On dxdiag it tells me that Direct3D Acceleration is not available.
When I try to turn Hardware Acceleration to full its grey and it says: Your display drivers do not support modifying these settings.
So I can't turn it to full and it is at None right now.

I have ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics.
Windows 7 - 64bit.

What would restoring my laptop to an earlier time do for me? Because everything worked fine until about 5 days ago and I didn't touch anything.

I would like a solution to my problem, thanks.
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  1. Have you tried to reinstall the video drivers? I had a problem with my monitor after I played a game...monitor got dim and I could not adjust it...had to reinstall the vid drivers...worked fine.
  2. How do you reinstall them? :S
  3. Help please? Anyone?
  4. You have downloaded DrectX11, have you installed it??

    For reinstalling video drivers, first you have to remove the old drivers using Driver Cleaner Pro.

    After removing Older ATI drivers, Download & install the latest drivers from here
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