How do I return my computer's resolution to normal?

Hello, I was using my computer (Asus laptop) to write an e-mail. I had no programs open aside from my internet browser. Seemingly at random, the cmd.exe black box popped up, and started saying something about uninstalling! I didn't quite catch what it was uninstalling, because Asus live update came on, and said, 'When prompted, hit the button to re-boot'. It didn't give me the option to opt-out, so when I clicked the exit in the corner, it re-booted anyway. When it came back up, it was in a strange resolution, like mega mode! I tried to change this back to 100% size in the control panel, but when I applied the default setting appropriate to my computer's resolution capabilities, it changed to a smaller, yet still annoyingly huge setting! I can't get it to go any smaller than it is! I've tried manually adjusting it, and the smallest I can get for 32-bit (that's what I run) seems to be stretched out significantly. Also, the cmd.exe thing and the Asus live update popped up a few more times, and my computer automatically re-booted, without the option not to. I've never had problems with this computer. I have up to date anti-virus software, and just recently did a scan and came back with nothing. Anyways, I hope I've been descriptive enough, and that somebody here can give me a hand! I'd appreciate it! Thanks everybody!
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  1. If I had to guess, I would say you need to reinstall your video drivers. Not sure why the auto-update tool would have uninstalled one set of drivers without installing a new set, but start with reinstalling your video drivers and if that doesn't do it, come on back and we'll take another crack at it.
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