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when i tried the microsoft windows xp game thing on their site it said my
computer was perfectly supported by the game age of mythology. when i
installed the game i got an error trying to play it saying video card not
supported and in the box it had the following
Video Card 0: vtdisp.dll VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP Vendor(0x1106) Device(0x7205)
why wont it work when it says it will
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    Step 1: Adding support for this card for AOM to recognize the card
    Since the game fails to recognize the video card, we can make certain
    changes in the Graphics configuration file so that the game can recognize it
    during the launch.
    To do so, try the following steps:

    Note: All files are located in

    <Drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\gfxconfig. Where
    <drive> is the drive letter where the game is installed. (Example - C:)

    1. Make 2 copies of 0x5333_s3.gfx and save them into the GFXConfig folder
    of Age of Mythology root folder.

    2. Rename them to:
    0x7205_s3g.gfx respectively.

    3. Make a copy of: savage4.gfx

    4. Rename this copy to: ViaS3G.gfx

    5. Play the game.

    Now try launching the game.

    Step 2: Update video card drivers:

    After analyzing your system reports, I notice that the driver installed for
    your video card is outdated. To download the latest drivers for your video
    card, visit the following link:

    1. Under “VT8373 northbridge on KN400 chipset & VT8378 northbridge on
    UniChrome KM400�

    2. Choose to download the driver for Win2K/XP (file:
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