Acer Laptop - What do I need to do to use the full HD

I bought an Acer Aspire 5601AWLMI, which has a 100 GIG HD, but it is partitioned in-half, with the "D" drive having hidden files, which I think are for back-up of the "C" drive. When I first got it I ran their utility to create a 2 DVD back-up, known as the Acer eRecovery back-up. I'm guessing this is the equalvalent of the restore disks you used to get with the computers.

Since I have these disks, can I get rid of the partitioned "D" drive? If so, what can I used to reclaim that partition, so I don't loose my currant system settings?
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  1. I just got the new 5102wlmi. It's also partitioned in two places with one hidden partition, equivalent to the dvd i have to burn to backup the settings.

    You can view and edit these partitions just easily with win xp.
    Just go to your configuration-screen and look for system management.
    There you can also manag the physical drives, thus deleting them end creating.

    Here's a picture of my partitions (haven't got the time to format, edit and reinstall):
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