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So Im just about to buy the Windows 7 Student Upgrade online because it's a better price. I recently built my comp and installed Windows 7 OS with an already used disk so now alot of the features have dropped off and its running kind of funky because I dont have the CD key. I didnt know if I should wait for Windows 8 or just buy the upgrade to W7 Professional and run it. Also, is it worth it to buy the backup disk from the Microsoft website ($14.95) or is it something I can just burn myself from the download? Any advice would be appreciated!!
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  1. I'd definitely wait for Windows 8. You can install the Windows 8 consumer preview now for free and then install the full version when its released. Alternatively you can install Linux.
  2. Can I run the windows 8 beta as my main OS until the full version releases?
  3. i built a new system started with the pre realse...and now have the cs release...the cs software got about 6 months before it expires..there sending windows 8 sometime in the next month or so to rtm. so there be one more version that will drop for users before the full version around oct/nov time frame. just remember to back your personal data up before you wipe windows 7/8 betas when the full version comes out. to install the beta and full version of the os i use a 8g usb stick and the free iso to usb program from microsoft. if you have the iso and a few free blank disk you can make an iso cd for yourself. myself i alway got the oem version of windows...made a usb image then broke the tab off the usb stick so that it could not be written to. then put the oem cd away..if the usb stick goes bad i still have a good cd for new iso image.
  4. Yes, install Windows 8 consumer preview. It is free, so no risk. You can always buy Windows 7 if you don't like new Windows 8 interface.
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