PC-2700 vs PC-3200 mem. for 333 FSB

I understand there would be little benefit (possibly less latency if the memory is underclocked?) to using PC-3200 memory on a 333 FSB setup. However, I also plan on upgrading to a faster processor in the future and running @ 400 FSB. Anyone have any advice on wether I should go ahead and buy PC-3200 memory or just go with PC-2700 memory that would be in synch with a 333 FSB setup and buy PC-3200 memory when/if I start running a processor @ 400 FSB?

Any comments would be appreciated - and please try to keep things simple as I am a dumb person (just kidding, but I am a newB so please forgive me in advance).

Someone basically asked this same question in a post right after I posted this one. The answer was that the PC-3200 memory could be underclocked. Is this a good solution, any drawbacks? Also, I will be using a Barton (2500+) at first that runs @ 333 FSB but I hear this is easily overclocked... easily overclocked to 400? The mobo is a MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR.

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  1. heya Apilgrim;

    Since PC 2700, and pc3200 are approx the same price go ahead and buy the pc3200, for the obvious reason that you yourself stated, you will be upgrading to 400FSB CPU in the future...

    As for OverClocking your processor to 400FSB...good luck, you will need liquid cooling OR BETTER to achieve that much of an OC and be perfectly stable.

  2. Your response (thank you by the way, I'll probably follow that advice) brought up some more questions... I'm asking more out of curiosity than practicality:

    I would still like to know if there are ANY drawbacks whatsoever to running PC3200 with a FSB @ 333?

    Also, I am just planning on getting 528MB total of DDR RAM (matched) - any reason I should consider getting a gig+ worth? Friends advice was that games will rarely, if ever actually use over 400MB. Besides games, I only use the computer for word processing and listening to .mp3.

    There is better than liquid cooling?? Just asking out of curiosity, but isn't it cheaper and less time consuming to just buy the latest/fastest hardware to get top speed/performance?
  3. heya apilgrim;

    there are no drawbacks to underclocking ram that i am aware of.

    some of the latest games hitting the market recommend 768MB of ram for optimal gaming experiance, its up to you.

    there is refridgeration, like your cars AC unit.

    i always buy the best i can possibly afford, i would recommend you do the same.

  4. You can underclock memory to any speed you like. In fact I used to put PC133 on 66MHz bus systems quite often because it was cheaper (PC66 was out of production).

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  5. 200mhz (sdr) is very possible on an air cooled barton...no peltiers or watercooling required. In fact i have heard some people hitting it at stock voltage...it seems the revision 2 boards have a much higher success rate at overclocking to 200mhz fsb.

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  6. I agree with PIII Man. The Barton 2500+ is a "gem" cpu. If you get it from newegg.com they are saying it is a B revision (which is preferred, some Athlon XP's are A revision). Most likely you will be able to hit FSB near, at or above 200MHz (400MHz effective). However, I would stay in contact with an overclocking forum in case you hit a glitch. IF you can afford it get the low latency or 2-3-2 or 2-2-2 timings memory. FYI: the 1700+ and the 2100+ are known good overclockers (REV B ONLY). With the 2500 Barton you should reach 2.08 Ghz or more. You may or may not have to reduce the multiplier in the bios. Consider a large case with at least 2 fans especially if your enviroment is over 72 degrees F. Also SLOWLY increase your FSB over a day or two because the material inbetween the cpu and the heat sink needs to break in. A good installation of the heat sink/fan is critical for good contact and cpu cooling.

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  7. Quote:
    There is better than liquid cooling??

    Consider the price you pay for it, it doesn't worth it if you only overclock the 2500+ to 400FSB but it does run silently. To overclock a 2500+ to 400FSB which everyone who owns 2500+ would do, DO NOT need liquid cooling, you can even use the stock cooling if the ambient temp and airflow is good. The major drawback of air cooling is the noise.

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  8. Thanks to all for the info - made my buying decisions a lot easier... now if I could only figure out how to OC my 15" CRT to a 21" LCD... hmmmmm....
  9. Now that's a good thread - I wanted the info myself - thanks.

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