I see a lot of us have problems with our Windows 7. I am no different. I would like to suggest that users employ a multi back up system. Here is what I use:

1. System Restore (sometimes works, sometimes not)
2. Windows 7 Backup Service (works nice)
3. Paragon Backup (free edition)

Yes, I use all three back ups...not just one.

I do my backups when I know my computer is in a good state, that's when I hit the SYSTEM RESTORE creation button. From there I will run the Windows backup and then the Paragon. I do this over night whenever I make a big enough change on my system.

If one backup type fails me, I have another. I do my windows and paragon backups on an external drive...not on DVDs. I do have a windows backup and paragon backup boot up disc...that's two discs just in case. I can even 'system restore' from hitting the f8 key as my windows 7 boots up.

I had to dedicate most of my external drive space to backups but I rather have that than to loose out.

Another thing I do is use one of those driver backup programs. I NEVER let a driver backup program find updates...I always let windows handle the updates regarding hardware. These driver backup programs are good because if something happens, rather than go through all of the above, I can just reinstall the specific hardware device which ended up giving me problems.

It's your world and you must control it.
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  1. RAID 1 of all disks in PC, plus two external disks with ghost images on, kept at different addresses, plus encrypted cloud storage of really important things...

    I take data protection to the next level :p

    Digital images of the kids and other stuf etc are some of the most valuable things I have and it's worth protecting IMHO...
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