Who Designed This Crap? Your Funniest Stories and Comments

Some of your comments and stories in response to Barry Gerber's "Who Designed This Crap?" columns on tech support and product packaging were very funny. Read some of them here.
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  1. I did not like my Creative Zen microphoto in black so the pain thinner worked for me.... odd this guy had a prob....even my lcd screen did not stop working after a week in it.... J/K

    WTF was that about....for real....paint thinner? FUNNY

    reminds me of when i worked for a certain cable company... I am not getting any picture and sound....is the TV on and set to chan 3? Ohhhh it works now...thanks....

    and there are allot like that....allot of TV off calls....was funny back then....
  2. Soooo umm... we gonna get that print article button?

    That would be wonderfully useful.
    I teach an IT class and several times I thought about how useful some of these articles would be in class but I couldn't print just the article out.

    A button to print just the article would be wonderful.
  3. Although I dont deal with small devices, I do work in the PC repair business. One day someone came and said their computer doesnt work with their new iPod and they showed me the laptop. It was an old IBM with windows 95 and no usb support. the drive had 240MB free space out of 2.1gb. After 2 hours of working with Apple, and $120 dollars later, the conclusion was still she needed to buy a new computer. We credited 1/2 the cost back towards setting up a new laptop.
  4. I am truly impressed with the way the direction writers are going for this website. I realize it takes more time for them to take the time to actually monitor the forum threads discussing their articles and also reading their incoming e-mails, and it is VERY appreciated. There used to always seem to be a significant detachment between us, but now they go so far as posting our comments in articles. Fantastic.

    My hat is off to you sir. I know there is another writer who is doing the same thing but I can't think of his name right now, regardless, good job!
  5. Dose anyone like to make Techsupport look dumb. Ask them about chips that have not come out yet or Just relased. I did this with core 2. Funny thing is they did not know crap about it. Or even Am2. Best to do it 3 weeks before it released. It seems to make other people uneasy for techsupport dont know anything about it. So do it before 4x4 released and Quad cores.

    The best place to do this is Geek Squad in Bestbuy. They need to rename it. Dumbsquad.

    When I was buying a centerno duo. Oh by the way do you know when Intel conroe should be out. I heard it 10 to 20% faster then Amd 64 fx 62 and it only 2.64ghz with 4mb of cache or When is amd Am2 comming out.

    They would be like um um I dont know anything about that yet. Let me ask my Boss and you get the same silly answer.
  6. Conroe is already out. As for : "Is it faster then Athlon FX-60?" Answer is: probably. I know from experience that it looks faster. I am a tech in a small computer shop. Up to now, since the debut of Intel Conroe, I build 3.
  7. while you're in an introspective mood - would Tom's Hardware please consider cutting back on the advertising ?
  8. OMG, I demanded a print button over six months ago and look, they're still chuckling about it.

    Having a print button is no laughing matter. Being about to save the article to PDF and push it to my PDA for on the go reading would be wonderful.

    THG/TGForumz/all-other-TG-business-units get your shit right. We visit your site, read your commentary, and all you care about is making fools of us that want a print button. Well my friend this bud's for you. :twisted:
  9. I requested a print button a while back when they wrote something like a 20 page BIOS tweaking article. Obviously it can be difficult to read the article via HTTP while MODIFYING YOUR BIOS.

    I even e-mailed the article writer asking about it, and never got a response.

    you'd think especially with an article about your BIOS, which you cannot possibly look at while logged into windows, there would be a PDF. bleh.
  10. Huh what are you guys talking about? I get a print button right next to the quote and reply button. Jeeze.
  11. we are not discussing printing from the forum, but rather being able to print the article itself into a printer-friendly version (printing HTTP pages never comes out well). a PDF would be an ideally universal format to use.

    I DID mention the word ARTICLE 4 times in my previous post, in every single sentence. I never said "Forum" anywhere. :)
  12. So you want to print peoples individual comments and not the entire forum? I dont get it.

    (I was joking).
  13. Guys, although I do agree about all you are saying about:

    No "printer friendly" version of the page
    Too many advertisements
    Smart-Tag being annoying and IRRELEVANT as hell

    But it is all OFF TOPIC!!!!!!

    Oh, one other thing, if you are going to do a big huge rant on how dumb someone or something is, it helps if you do not make a lot of spelling and grammar errors while doing so!!! ;)
  14. The lack of any facility for printing articles is motivated by only one thing--money. Forcing you to load 26 pages of advertising to read an article makes it, and a print button doesn't.

    Given that, it should come as no surprise that silence is the standard response to print-feature inquiries. I wouldn't expect that to change anytime soon.
  15. okay, how about releasing a printer friendly version (make a link appear at the end of the article) 1 week after the article release? I doubt many of us would sit around and wait for the printer friendly version before reading the article for the first time, but that allows us to later use it for reference.

    It is not like I am going to revisit the article many times and view the ads that many more. Generally, once I have read and article once on tomshardware, I never open it again. If I had a version I could print and/or save to my pc though, that would really help for those articles with detailed instructions or valuable reference information.
  16. What ads?

    If you don't use it already, download firefox (getfirefox.com).

    Once that is running go to tools>extensions
    Click on Get More Extensions. It will bring up the site with THOUSANDS of firefox extensions.

    Search for and install Adblock.
    Search for and install Adblock Filterset.G Updater

    Wallah! No more ads on the internets! If the internet is a series of tubes, those two extensions are like an ad tube filter that snag all the ads before they leak onto your screen. So you just get pure, refreshing, filtered internets!

    I thought everyone on Tom's would know this stuff...
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