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A friend upgraded his Northwood P4 1.8GHz 256MB cache(4x100 FSB) to the new 2.6GHz version. I WAS GIVEN HIS OLD CPU (the 1.8). Now the hard part. I want to buy a new mobo and memory for it. I have done quite a bit of research and concluded that the i850 chipset is the best overall performer. This is only because if I get the new 865/875 chipset, I can only use ddr266 when using an older P4 that uses the 4x100MHz FSB due to limitations on the new chipset. P4 B cpu can use ddr333, and P4 C cpu can use ddr400.
These brings a few questions to mind:

1. If I am able to overclock the cpu to 4x133 on the 865/875 mobo, can I then use ddr333?

2. If I choose the 850 chipset and run 1066 RDRAM will I see any decent performance increase versus 800 RDRAM with my particular cpu. Is this even possible to run asynchronous like that since my cpu is running at a 100MHz bus?

I intend to upgrade this cpu in about a year when the current P4's are cheaper, so it would be nice not to have to upgrade my memory at the same time, so I am trying to get the max memory bandwidth now so my next cpu will be ready to go. I hope this makes sense ;)

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  1. First off, I'd say spending the money on the excessively pricey yet outdated RDRAM would be a major waste of money, so I'd personally go with the 845. I'd say if you run your 1.8 at 2.4 (133*18), the motherboard should think it's a 2.4B and allow you to run at DDR333, but that's just a guess since I have no firsthand experience with P4's.
  2. I have an EPOX board that I could sell you.

    If you are interested. DDRSDRAM board.

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