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I am having an unusual problem with the MSI 1032 Pentium M laptop I built. Here is a description of the problem:

Whenever the laptop is running on battery power and there is no external mouse connected, the laptop touchpad makes a static-sounding beeping noise whenever it is being used. The sound is not very loud, but it is definitely noticeable. Also, under those same conditions there is a low-level beeping noise that constantly sounds whenever iTunes is open. The beeping noise sounds slightly different from the static noise that occurs when the touchpad is being used. I have already updated all of the drivers using the MSI update utilities with no effect. I have no explanation for this problem, but I think it might have something to do with a difference in the level of voltage provided by the laptop battery vs. the outlet adapter.

Thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to help me understand this problem and figure out if there is a fix.
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  1. Does this sound eminate from the speakers?
  2. No, the sound does not seem to eminate from the speakers, although it is hard to tell.
  3. I was going to say to check and see if the MIC boost was enabled.

    Which can really amplify alot (including system noise). Did you try muting the MIC to see if it is picing anything up from this?
  4. I took your suggestion but with no success. I even tried muting the whole system, but with no success. Thanks anyway for the suggestion and the helpful screenshot.
  5. Well, we are getting to the core of the problem now.
    If muting the system did nothing, then the speakers, and sound card are not involved in the problem.

    Therefore this must be related directly to the other hardware.

    This is one of the reasons I droped MSI from my ODM suppliers. I would say to contact MSI, and their response will probably be, "Update the BIOS" then "send it in", but it definately sounds like a waranty issue.
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