19"+ hydis screens?

Does anyone know of any? I find it a PITA to try and find _any_ information about TFT screens nowadays. Most online shopping sites hardly publish any specs, and after trying to extract information from one poorly designed company website after another I am left with only a massive headache.

Thank you!
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  1. If you are looking for a good gaming monitor (as I suspect you are based on the Hydis reference to the display reviews on THG) there is a new monitor out from viewsonic that is amazing. It came out about a week ago. I just bought one and I'm going to pickup a second one (much to the dismay of my fiance heh). The viewsonic vp912b is a 19" screen with good color reproduction/saturation and a response time of 12ms. I am unable to find any ghosting and the image is much better than my 955df CRT monitor (which really surprised me, I did not think the image would even compare since it is an LCD)
  2. No, what I'm really looking for is a safe choise amongst TFT monitors. The screens with Hydis panels seems to get a consistently good score in most tests here at THG, other panels usually vary wildly even within the same brand. I'm looking for a good allround monitor, 19"+, and sure, it should be able to handle games/multimedia well.

    The monitor you pointed out really looks good on paper, but as Tom has thorougly pointed out in his latest articles, specs mean nothing. And I am not willing to take your word for it, no offense, but people's opinions of what a 'good' or 'great' screen is vary just as much as the quality of the screens.

    So i'm still on the lookout for that 19"+ hydis-paneled TFT monitor. Thanks for the reply though!
  3. Hi,

    You are absolutely right about people's opinions varying as much as the quality of the panels in manufacturer's monitors. Just an FYI though, THG reviewed 17" Hydis panels and gave them a good rating... I don't believe the 19" will give you the same quality. Typically, as the size of the panel goes up the responsiveness of the monitor goes down. I'm sure THG will review the monitor I recommended, you may want to wait until then. I normally wait for reviews from THG myself because they are one of the most technically accurate and complete. I decided to take a chance on this monitor because I get caught in the cycle of waiting for the review on the next technology, then it comes out and I know another technology advance is right around the corner and I wait for that one... I've been saying I'm going to buy an LCD for a while heh. I finally just did it. To sum up, good idea to wait for reviews, but don't base your LCD panel choice for a 19" monitor on a review of a good 17" panel, the 19" may exhibit completely different attributes.

    Have fun, and good luck with your purchase

    BTW background info on me (if it helps people determine if my review is worth anything)
    I am a systems administrator for a web hosting company with Photoshop experience. The company I worked for previously specialized in printing graphics and had it's own studio department.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by griphus on 09/26/04 09:11 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. Here is a positive review of that 19" also:

    <A HREF="http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.asp?id=vp912b&page=1&MSCSProfile=95385A1F52DEA1A229D5B375420544648D6EA8B788CB24233B401627EE198BA9A9D4C6F9554EA0853C5299D4C423FBADA2C5C32328E959E1C5560EA87C5E9E691252DD20D294A7776ABA1D581F6745353F4D0629E0C5029989018DE7BF94A4EAF0848B8EB54D1D7689872724538886F6F3C4A6538C873266AE6E4B9A5E416E159069DDB0B2354385" target="_new">Review</A>
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