Help Running SATA and IDE Hard Drives at Same Time

I just recently got a new rig, and now I want to copy some files off of my old IDE HDD onto my new SATA HDD. I've hooked up the IDE and tried jumpering it as "neutral position" "single position" "dual master" and "dual slave" but none of these settings has worked. In "neutral position", "single position", and "dual slave" my new PC booted from the IDE HDD and started trying to load a million drivers. I know this is not what I want to happen. When in "dual master" position, the IDE HDD wasn't recognized at all and my new PC booted from the SATA drive as normal. I also know that this is not what I want. Can anyone help me out here? I really need to get some files off of the IDE HDD and so far I've been totally unsuccessful. Please help!
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  1. Me too!!!! This is exactly what I can't do. I can't get my SATA to be the master, with the second Ide harddrive as a second. And, if I DO get this accomplished, how then do I get 3 cd-roms connected to that? Why 3? one is a DVD, one is a CD-RW and the third is just nice to have.

    Thank you
  2. I have the same exact problem as well, I have my Raptor serial drive as a master but cannot get my 60gig to work as a slave or anything else.
  3. Just out of curiousity, what motherboards do you guys have? I have a Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro. It seems that people with ASUS boards aren't having this problem.
  4. I just bought the MSI K7N2 Delta, great board other than that one issue.
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