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What's your max Temp..?? Is it too hot for me..

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
September 8, 2006 4:45:19 PM

I have Compaq m2000z AMD Turion ML-30 running with 512MB ddr memory and my concern is what the correct temperature for my notebook. Can you all show your CPU temp. I'am using Notebook Hardware Control Message from I had a problem when running full Load.i.e 100% CPU Load, After a few second, the system shutdown itself. I sent to HP Service center, and they only fixed the CPU FAN(Replace it). Now the same problem still happend. Can you all show your CPU temp.. My Current reading is:

At ideal ( Using Qool&Quite/PowerNow) = 52'C

At Load 100% ( Using Qool&Quite) = 75-90'C(Auto Shutdown)

At ideal (PowerNow OFF) = 59-65'C

At Load (PowerNow OFF) = 75- Shutdown

Because of this, i'am having problem when playing games, burn DVD coz i need to do an encoding.. Do you'll have any idea.

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September 8, 2006 5:30:05 PM

First, don't disable POWER NOW!
AMD spent millions of dollars to develop this and I am amazed at how many people turn it off to "get more performance.
The majority of the time you don't need the full power of the CPU, and if the POWER NOW is turned off the system is just overworking itself for no reason.

Next, make sure you have your AMD chipset patch/drivers installed. These things will run HOT without them. More than likely this is the problem if you recently re-installed the OS.

If the system shuts itself down under load, and it isn't the above, then I would say it is overheating. Since the service center replaced the fan, I would take off the heat sink and lap it. Strip off the thermal tape, and use Arctic Silver 5 on it. There is a couple thread on here detailing the procedure I have prevuosly answered in the past. a quick search will reveal them.