p4 800 fsb on 1066 mhz ram???

do i need 1600 MHZ RD RAM for the intel p4 3 gig with 800 mhz fsb
probably right?

since you need 1066 mhz RD ram for running an intel p4 with 533 fsb

what would happen if you were to run a 800 fsb p4 with only 1066 mhz ra instead of 1600 mhz ram like you would need.

and please dont tell me to use DDR ram, RD RAM beats the *@!# out of ddr and i want the best and i have money =)

thanks for your help
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  1. What chipset do you plan to use for a 800mhz P4 with 1600fsb?
  2. Per Tom's Hardware benchmarks, the fastest memory/motherboard combination for a modern P4 is DUAL DDR using ddr333 or ddr400 CL2 on a 865/875 chipset motherboard. Using a motherboard from MSI, Asus, Abit, Gigabyte etc.

    In addition, Intel has dropped support for RAMBUS on their new 800MHz FSB P4's. Another company out there MAY provide a chipset with RAMBUS support (possible SIS) but I would feel uneasy with that personally.

    I understand that this sux but what can I say? Just providing information as I know it.

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  3. Brute, Rambus/RDRAM or that PC1066/PC1600 you are talking about USED to beat DDR. However DDR memory got better and is the best option now.

    Ask Intel themselves, they discontinued the use of Rambus/RDRAM.

    Keep up with the times :P
  4. RDRAM is faster at a given CPU clock, yes. For example, PC800 RDRAM runs 400MHz (and you didn't know that), yes RDRAM also uses double data rate (not unlike DDR SDRAM, no?).

    So say you have an old "400MHz bus" P4. It has an actual bus speed of 100MHz, using Quad Data Rate technology, 64-bits wide. Now, that goes to 2 16-bit RDRAM modules, each running 400MHz and using Double Data Rate.

    So do that math, the CPU is 4x100x64, the RAM is 2x400x16x2, they come out equal. Nice. You could do the same thing with two PC1600 DDR SDRAM modules since the introduction of Dual Channel DDR SDRAM boards, but RDRAM still seems faster.

    Well, the next speed up for RDRAM is 533MHz, PC1066. Now, it works as well for the "533MHz" bus P4 as PC800 did for the older 400 bus P4. You could get the same bandwidth from dual channel PC2100 DDR SDRAM, but for some reason the RDRAM solution seems to be the fastest.

    But now your stuck. There is no PC1600 RDRAM. Sorry.

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  5. ahhh i see i see

    no more RD RAM :(

    ahh well, i'm gonna get some pc3700 ram (mainly for overclocking) from www.ramstore.ca

    supposed to be as good as corsair this stuff. what do you guys think? i'm gonna be cooling this intel 3 gig with an Exos external water cooling system as i have running on my t bird 1.33 right at the moment. (i am updating in september right in time for half life hehe =] )
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