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My dad has a laptop which runs Win 7 32 bit Starter and today a problem occurred which neither of us have experienced before.
We can't access anything that modifies the OS or Hard Drive. Therefore we can't even change user permissions (We can't run anything with the little blue and yellow shield next to it either).
The message we get is:
" Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. "
There is only one account on the OS and that's the administrator account that my dad has always used.

Can anyone help with this ? How do we solve this problem ?
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  1. Turn off UAC. Use the Help and support link from the start menu and search for UAC
  2. That doesn't work because "We can't run anything with the little blue and yellow shield next to it either". The UAC settings have to be applied or OKd and that button has a shield next to it.
  3. try shift clicking on actions you want to take and a contextual menu with the option of "run as Administrator" should pop up. confirm with your password.

    This is a really common problem in Win 7. It decides your admin is not good enough. Frustrating.

    The other thing that I find helps is to do a drive check. Right click on the hard drive, goto properties, tools, and check the drive (all options). It will require a boot and some time to check through the list. What this does is check and repair any disk permissions that can block admin rights.

  4. We can't do anything that modifies the way the hard drive boots up or works. Is there ANY way around this or do you think we will have to do a clean install of the OS , could it be a virus ?
  5. Could be a virus, were you able to do these before? Can you right click on what you want to do ad choose run as administrator? The administrator account needs to be added manually, if the user name is administrator, you may have a problem. In pro if I remember correctly administrator name is reserved so in setup you cannot choose it as a user name.
    Mybe this will get you somewhere, starte looks like a different animal.
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