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how to enable nvidia desktop manager in windows 7
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  1. Check this: (Source from another page)
    Step 1 - Download the latest Drivers from the nVidia website
    Step 2 - Download WinRAR
    Step 3 - Open the Driver file with WinRAR and extract the nView.CAB file (onto your desktop for now)
    Step 4 - Open the nView.cab file with WinRAR and extract all the files into a folder on your desktop
    Setp 5 - Run the nviewsetup.exe file as normal.
    Extra Info.
    Setp 6 - Go to Control Panel, NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager will be there now. Double click it
    Setp 7 - Enable nView Desktop Manager. There you go now!

    Good Luck!
  2. NVidia removed NView Desktop Manager from distribution and support on Vista and above, citing lack of demand for it on other than Quadro boards more commonly used by corporate customers. Thus, NView will not be found included with drivers for other than Quadro boards.

    The latest versions of NView can be separately downloaded from the NVidia web site, but will fail installation when a system check reveals that a Quadro board is not installed.

    Running the NView installer with a -f option will, however, bypass the hardware check and install NView. I tested this with the 140.54 x64 version of NView on Windows 7 Pro x64 with a GTX750ti installed, by creating a shortcut to the whql installer with the -f option added after the quotes. The newer 141.24 version also available for download installed properly, but would _not_ run.
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