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I have a very annoying problem with a friend of mine's Inspiron 8200. Cant seem to get any info from dell's website, so im hoping that you guys can help me. First when it boots, it says that th 70W power supply present, running in battery optimized mode. He has the new 90W adapter that dell sent him as a warranty thing. Also i have turned set all the speedstep functions at max performance, but windows always reads it at 834 Mhz. It has the 1.7 P4-M processor. I know that the power management can cause the processor to slow down. Is it possible that the power problem is causing the problem? I also set the windows power mangement to always on just to be sure, but no change. Also it gives the battery optimized mode even with a full battery. I checked, its the 4460 mah like is recommended. I dont know what to do, im at my wits end. This thing used to kick ***, but now its kinda a slug :? .
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  1. Hello,
    I have the very same problem. I change out the DC power jack on the MOBO just last night which fixed the 70W power supply problem. I still have the 1.8GHZ processor running at 789MHZ. Even with the power options set to always on and I have all the speedstep stuff disabled. I also upgraded the bios and downloaded fixes for speedstep stuff but nothing seems to work. The batteries won't charge either, but I will have to see if the new DC jack fixed that. You can get one of these jacks on Ebay for about 10 bucks if anyone is interested. I am thinking that it is the processor itself going bad, or the MOBO. Maybe esd is a factor? Also when I booted up from the new DC jack it said invalid configuration. I just hit continue and it booted up fine, but the processor still is all wonky. I need to see if my upgraded Memory is the prob as well. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Try loading it up in safe mode and see if you can tell it's speed.
    I shoved a 2.2ghz CPU in my comp(from 1.6) and had no problems with mine.
  3. Hi, I didn't have the same problem as you guys have but something quiet different, but I needed a new DC power jack and I've bought it through and I can say it's worth advicing them.
  4. I didn't have the same problem as jchalear75 had either. Mainly it was with the Dell Inspiron laptop that I was helping a friend with. I thought it was a power jack or power connector problem. He thought it was a the actual DC jack or DC end plug. Becauase whenever the power adapter was plugged into the power plug, the power light would go out on power adapter. And the laptop would not turn on, the laptop was dead with no power at all. Turns out, was never able to fix it, but was referred to a proffessional laptop repair specialist named The Laptop Doctor (his email is )
    He was able to fix it for only $98. So ended up going there. I guess it ended up being a part / capacitor or other part on the motherboard that was shorted. So instead of replacing the entire laptop and motherboard....he was able to get it cheaply fixed, the problem on the Dell laptop.
  5. i had this problem over the weekend, turns out the adapter wasnt pushed into the laptop properly.
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