Gadgets problem

Hi guys,

I have some problems with my gadgets. Here is the picture

as you see, images in gadgets are not working...what do you thing, any ideas? :hello:
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  1. are they gadgets that connect the internet?
    they may not have a connection.
    you can always try going to the task manager and exiting out of 'sidebar.exe' and then restarting the gadgets.
  2. any ideas how to grant sidebar.exe connection to internet? Turning off windows firewall does not work :pfff:
  3. It does not work :(
    BTW i tried to DISABLE windows firewall service. Neither work. :fou:
  4. You should have a spare copy of sidebar.exe in the Windows\winsxs folder. You'll need to search for Sidebar.exe to find it, as the folder names use GUIDs. Then copy it into Program Files\Windows Sidebar and see if that fixes things.
  5. OK, I would try but i need permission to do that but how to get it? Thanks


    the former shows you how to take permission of individual files,
    while the later gives you away to just right click on any file and take permission (what i use). Its a non-harmful script that you can undo.
  7. This did not fix my problem :( any more ideas?
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