Laptop upgrade from Core Duo to Core 2 Duo


I have a FSC Xi1546 and I was wonder if the upgrade is possible. The chipset is 945pm and it is Core 2 Duo compatible and the latest BIOS has stepping for Merom B2. :roll:
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  1. Looks like it is from what you have spec'd out there, which C2D are you putting in there?
  2. I've been reading some forums related to this case and I found one new possible obstacle :? What if the processor is SOLDERED :idea: :?: Then it's a professionals job to change the parts because what I know there's tens or hundreds of pins soldered into the mobo :(
  3. Open the case up and see. I don't know, please let us know because if so, that is one more fine things these big companies will have going against them.

    All you will need is a small $6 screw driver from Home depot.
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