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i am currently building my first computer and just need to know whether a 350W psu would be enough for my setup

AMD Athlon 2600+
Epox 8RDA+ Mobo
512 MB Kingmax DDR
Thermaltake Volcano 11
SB Audigy
Leadtek ti4200 128mb
Leadtek tv2000XP tvTuner Card
Swann 56k Modem
Liteon 48x48x24 CDRW
DVD rom
80 Gb Seagate IV 7200rpm
20 Gb maxtor 5400rpm
Fan Controller
5 Case Fans
10inch Blue Cathode

I was looking at a 350W Antec Smartblue. Would this be enough? enough to be stable when overclocking?

Thanks for your reply
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  1. I would go for a little higer as with 350W and that setup you're running near the max.

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
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