Corsair CL2 (2 x 256) or Kingston (2 x 512)

I'm building a new system using Asus P4P800 and P4 2.4 800FSB.

I want to buy 2 sticks of the same RAM so I can implement Dual-Channel support. I'm no expert at this (which is why I'm here to ask you guys) but I assume that "CL2" denotes faster timings and therefore better performance (and $$$).

These are my available choices for PC3200 RAM -

Corsair CL2 256MB for $135 each ($270)
Kingston 256MB for $99 each ($198)

Corsair CL2 512MB for $239 each ($478) (out of budget range)
Kingston 512MB for $179 each ($358)

What would be the differrence between getting two of the Corsair CL2 256MB sticks for a total of 512MB of CL2 RAM


getting two of the "normal" Kingston 512MB for total of 1024MB.

Is it worth spending the extra $88 to get 1024MB of the Kingston, or would the 512MB of Corsair CL2 be about the same performance wise. Or should I just get 2 x 256MB Kingston and save $72.

I'm NOT heavily into 3D gaming or anything like that. Mostly photo editing and DVD encoding.

note: - these are the RAM choices I have (and generic).
- the prices are $AUD which is my local and for comparison between options.

Thanks Tim...
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  1. it sounds like you're not interested in overclocking, in which case I would tend toward the Kingston 1024. Especially since you mentioned the DVD encoding

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  2. Id say go with 1 gig of ram. Photoshop/premiere programs like that will benefit of a bigger amount of ram. SO i suggest you go with the 1gig of what you can afford
  3. Seems like quite a big price difference between the two brands to me. For the 512MB modules at NewEgg, the Kingston is about $92 USD and the Corsair is $104. That's about a 12% difference as opposed to the 30%+ difference from your source. I guess it all depends on whether they're undercharging you for the Kingston or overcharging you for the Corsair ;) .
  4. todays exchange rate:

    Corsair CL2 256MB for $135 [USD: $87] each ($270 [USD: $175])
    Kingston 256MB for $99 [USD: $64]each ($198 [USD: $128])

    Corsair CL2 512MB for $239 [USD: $155]each ($478 [USD: $310]) (out of budget range)
    Kingston 512MB for $179 [USD: $116] each ($358 [USD: $232])

    Kingston Newegg: $92 vs. Aus: $116 = 26% higher
    Corsair Newegg: $104 vs. Aus: $155 = 49% higher

    They're overcharging on the Corsair.

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