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I recently got a lenovo idea pad u400, and have been having a unique problem. This problem seems to occur randomly. When the computer first boots, the networking icon on the right side of the task bar is stuck in the "identifying" sequence, and if I click on it, nothing happens. Also, I can not use any windows programs (system programs). For example, I can't use anything in control panel. I also can't run any programs that aren't on the task bar or on my desktop because the start menu locks up and does not let me select anything or even search. Also, the programs I can run seem to crash very rapidly, and even Task Manager doesn't display the accurate state of programs, and can't always force a program to quit.
When my computer starts and this problem doesn't occur, avast sends several applications in my Bluetooth folder to the sandbox.They end up not being suspicious, but this is what happens every time my computer starts normally, so I'm assuming my problem has something to do with these applications.The programs are: btplayerctrl, mediasrv, and a couple of others. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Either replace anti-virus with MS Essentials or AVG, least tasking and more app. forgiving or remove the software creating the problem. You realize any p2p software is considered "unsafe" and an open channel to your computer.
    I would definitely remove anything from boot that you can launch yourself later on.
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