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I want to buy a fully configured notebook - don't think I could build one myself - would appreciate any recommendations as to Brands and configurations (not for gaming use - business; but want strong graphics for DVD and photo editing). Thanks.

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  1. Really, it is up to you:
    Decide the components you want, and make a list of notebooks that incorporate them all, then choose which one you like best of those in terms of looks, weight, functionality etc...

    Here are your choices
    - Pentium 3-m (only really used in low power notebooks up to 1.2GHz)
    - Pentium 4-m (used in modern desktop replacement systems, they are relatively low power and can go up to 2.4GHz
    - Pentium 4 (some manufacturers have startet to put desktop P4s into their notebooks, desktop p4s dont have speedstep to reduce clock level and power consumption, but they can run much faster than the P4-m (up to 3GHz) - clock for clock, they perform equally
    - Pentium-M or "Centrino" [Banias](The latest mobile offering from Intel. Reduces power consumption drastically, fastest is 1.6GHz but outperforms a 2.4GHz P4)
    - AMD AthlonXP Mobile (Not all notebook manufacturers use AMD chips. AMD chipsets are not as advanced as many of Intel's and AMDs therefore are not capable of using as high end graphics cards)

    - nVidia GeForce2Go (Oldest 'GPU' and with lowest performance)
    - ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 (ATI's first GPU offering, lower power consumption than GF2go and GF4Go, and reasonably good performance)
    - nVidia GeForce4Go [410, 420, 440, 460] (Based on the GeForce 4 MX graphics array with good performance and powersaving. nVidia TwinView is supported)
    - ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 (World's first DX8 hardware GPU excellent powersaving features (Powerplay) and performance on par with GF4go 460 - better in DX8 games & benchmarks)
    - nVidia GeForce4Go 4200 (Based on the GeForce 4 Ti graphics array, not a "mobile chip" very high power usage, meant as an intermediate to keep ATI at bay, excellent performance, 40% better than M9 (Radeon 9000)
    - nVidia GeForceFXgo 5200/5600 (not yet released should increase performance and decrease powerconsumption)
    - ATI M10 (Mobility Radeon 9600 - not yet released, will be DX9 and extremely low consumption with vry high performance (+- 12000 3DMarks with 2.4GHz P4)

    Dell's notebooks are very easy to customize for yourself, just surf around their site and fiddle around. The Inspiron Range of models rely mainly on the P4-m, whereas the Latitude Range utilise the Pentium-M. they are largely upgradeable (i.e. graphics cards, HDDs, Removable drives, CPU, RAM etc.) have excellent LCDs and relatively good battery life.

    Alternately look at Toshiba (I would say Dell's closest competitor) or Compaq.

    If you give more information, we can narrow ur search down further.


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