U.S. rapper brands Aussies as racists

Aussies brand US rapper as a narcissistic tool with illusions of grandeur and no talent to speak of.

Please don't come back ... your an idiot !!

Moreover we can't understand a word you say / dribble / attempt to sing ... since you have mauled the language to the point where a cromagnon would struggle to understand ... and probably club you over the head.

Kids ... this is what drugs and poor diet and hygeine do to you.

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  1. To me its simple, easy way to end alot of problems
    Keep liberals off twitter, or, dont pull a Weiner

    Of course, he could always claim he was hacked, but would that be construed as a hacked Weiner if found guilty?
  2. Okonma is a lot like Obamam. He can bloody rack off with his yabber.
  3. badge said:
    Okonma is a lot like Obamam. He can bloody rack off with his yabber.

    Is that a Oz Weinerism?
  4. I dont have any idea about the state of racism in Australia. But I imagine its like any other country, certain parts of the US are notoriously racist.

    *cough*The South*cough*
  5. Yankees are more racist than Aussies..get over it rapper...or should I say....CRAPPER!
  6. Cant recall how many times "the good ol boys" would be acting racist, not real bad, but just talking it, and I wouldnt laugh, but I didnt hate them either, it sure shut them up quick
  7. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    Is that a Oz Weinerism?

    Lorena Bobbitt was the prime suspect when word came out Weiner got hacked.
  8. Heard shes starting a band of her own, Called Lorena and the hackers
    Title hit, lop it, lop it good
  9. Psssssh ...

    There are a good number of Ozzies that have been in NASCAR and demonstrated they are great racists. Marcus Ambrose is 19th in points (regretfully, lost 2 spots last week) and won $1.9m in less than half a season.

    He's drivin' for the King ...

    ... in a dang Ford. :ouch: If he was in a Chevy he'd be Top 10 :lol:
  10. Markus is a nice guy tho ... but yes a chevy / Holden is more his style.

    Don't like the Fords ...
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