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Hello, I have had a Sandisk Sansa Fuze MP3 with its own USB to recharge battery and add/delete music. Suddenly, my computer won't recognize the USB connector and I am told Code 34 is the issue. Any ideas?
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  1. Most likely the Sandisk driver is corrupt, either re-install the original or uninstall the old one and get a new one for x64 or x32 whichever mode your machine is running windows 7, from Sandisk.
  2. Thanks. I think the device is corrupt. I couldn't even recharge it or get it to work on a separate computer that did recognize the USB. Per the suggestion by a techie at Best Buy he thought it might be the cord. I had a second cord (basically unused) and it didn't make a difference. And of course the warranty ran out so it is time to toss it and get a new one.
  3. USB cords (I know cause I crashed into this one with my phone) are not all DATA cords, you must make sure you are buying a data transfer cord. Power Rechargers are not designed for data transfers (built cheaply but sold expensive by stores like BestBuy). Just FYI.
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