Windows 7 Activation After Joining Domain

Hi Guys/Girls:

My copy of Windows 7 has already been activated by me months ago, full legit retail of Ultimate.

However, today at home, I joined it to my domain down stairs in my basement. It joined successfully, but now the of my Window 7 PC is asking for activation again upon each login.

Is there anyway to get that to stop bugging me please?

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  1. If a genuine installation of Windows 7 becomes deactivated, then it is because some system files have been corrupted. I take it that you have tried to reactivate it. You could try "sfc /scannow" run as the administrator, but if this does not work it would probably be best to reinstall the operating system. The real question is why the system files have become corrupted, this could be caused by a virus but more likely is due to memory issues. Try running memtest86 for at least three passes (preferably more) to test the memory.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply, I will give that a shot and keep you posted.

    Thanks again.
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