Can't access power properties on Acer

Hey guys,

I'm using an Acer Aspire 5672WLMi notebook, and I can't access the power properties.
I'm sure this is because I disabled Acer's "Empowering Technology ePower Management
System." I know that if I go back into msconfig and re-enable it, I will be able
to run the options through Acer's software. The thing is, I'm annoyed by this memory
hogging software that isn't great for power options. Since disabling it, whenever
I go into control panel and click on power options, the hourglass appears for a second,
and then stops, and nothing happens- everytime I click on it. How can I re-enable
power adjustments without re-enabling Acer's software?


Alex T
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  1. Try downloading notebook hardware control-theres an option in it that shows you your battery life, and various tweakables to increase it. It doesn't take up much memory, either.
  2. Try uninstalling that, ACER has individual programs for like the Hot Keys, the Power, the download update thingy... I would take it all off and just put what you need and want on there.
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