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This question is about the installation of Windows 7 on my Dell Laptop.
I am not a newbie and i can instlall windows 7.
So my question is that, the dell laptop came with a Windows 7 pre-installed(Home Premium) When i tried to re-install the windows 7 from dell datasafe restore i got an error " The Backup is corrupt or missing please try." I am unable to install Windows 7 due to this reason. So, next step is, I have a copy of Windows 7 home premium DVD at home.( Original with a separate key from that of the Dell machine). I have a key on the back of the dell computer for windows 7 home premium. So, can i install my DVD windows 7 and use the product key from the back of the Laptop to register it?
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    I'd contact dell support, especially if you are under warranty. What you are asking may work, but Dell may decide to send you install media. If out of warranty, Id just try it.
  2. Installed my copy.. activated with the Product key on the Laptop.
    it went fine :)
    thanks for replying :)
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