Audigy or Santa Cruz??

Which one better between Audigy ES without firewire port for $54 or TB Santa Cruz for $60. I'm using SB!live right now and plan to give it to my sister so i'm searching for a new card around $60. I have no problem with SB!live with my system. My system is Athlon XP 1500+ with Abit KG7 (AMD chipset in northbridge and VIA in southbridge)and using Win XP. Will my mobo have potensial problem with audigy? i'm not planning to update my bios to fix the problem. Did santa cruz have better SQ than Audigy or many people recomend it just because its used to be cheaper and have good performance/value. And audigy have better sound in games overall or just in games with EAX? thanx for the answer.
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  1. I use an audigy but wouldnt recommend mixing your VIA southbridge with any creative products.

    I'd go with the santa cruz in your case. But I feel the audigy 1/2 is a better choice, if you had a different motherboard it'd be a definite.

    But stick with a santa cruz, its a good (although slightly outdated) soundcard.

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  2. I own, and have used both Creative Audigy and the Santa Cruz, I run the Santa Cruz because it flat out is a better card, crystal clear sound, playback of DVD 5.1 is awesome, works great for any games I've run on it yet, it has a virtual 5.1 setting which allows you to use all of your speakers, if you have 5.1 surround sound speakers and what you're listening to is in dolby stereo. Keep in mind my advice is comimg from someone that actually owns both and has compared them, I could pull the Santa Cruz and change it to the Creative any time I want to. I was so impressed with the Santa Cruz after listening to it for a while, I bought a second one and replaced the Creative card in my wifes machine, she had a Live 5.1. No problems with degrading drivers, and the annoying popping and crackling, that would eventually arise from the Creative card no matter what machine it was installed on, which usually required an uninstall and reinstall to fix. I've owned about 7 Creative cards, but as long as Turtle Beach continues to put out sound cards as good as the Santa Cruz, I'll stick with the Santa Cruz, until the Turtle produces a new card.

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  3. Thanx for your answers. I just buy santa cruz.
    But now i have problem. My computer just hang when i boot. Actually this is my sister computer which pentium II (333mhz)system. Its hang when scene with "welcome" word appears in win xp start. I wonder if santa cruz have problem with old system. I think this is not irq problem cause i have many unused irq. For now i can't try it to my own computer cause i'm in other town. Did i just have defected card? or did anyone have solution to my problem? thanx
  4. Your sisters computer didn't have onboard audio that needed to be disabled in the CMOS did it? Did you replace an old PCI soundcard with the Santa Cruz? What exactly is the situation?

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  5. I have solved my problem. its not soundcard problem. its like a mobo problem. i try to remove mobo batt and load default bios then my problem is gone.

    I already try my new santa cruz. Even i just try with headphone i think the sound is much better than my old live card . Sound in game is better too cause when i play FIFA with live card, the noise from crowd make iritating ears. but i dont experience this with santa cruz. So far i'm happy with santa cruz. Thanx.
  6. I'm glad you're pleased with the Santa Cruz, I've never regretted getting mine, its an excellent soundcard.

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