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I was looking through the forums/reviews for info as to which as I want to buy. I was seriously considering Thermaltake Xaser3, but then I found the info about the Firewire headers being all screwed up (http://www.meltybrain.org/1394/) so I’m putting that thought on hold for now… Anyway, I'ld like some opinions/review links on any of these cases I'm considering:

Xoide X-Turbine (http://www.xoxide.com/xoxideturbine.html) - Anyone know what the unmodded for this is… if there is one? And how hard it is to change the front fans, installation of mobo, etc?

LL Warrior (http://www.xoxide.com/newlianli60.html)

Voyeurmods Verge 4 (http://www.voyeurmods.com/XSM-VIV.asp)

Alternative suggestions are welcome. In general, I would like to have a case with:
- Side window
- Top blow hole
- Side fan(s)
- Front/Top mounted USB, Firewire, audio ports
- NO door is preferred (I like always having access to my CD/DVD drives)
- Removable mobo tray (not really important to me, but always a nice feature)

I’ld also like to have dust filters, but I’m a little afraid it would make the case look ugly and less mod-friendly as far as fan-grills & LED fans are concerned. Then again, a pile of dust on the mobo and internal components would probably look even worse in the long run...

I’m planning on using an Antec Truepower 480, an MSI Neo2-LS & Zalman CNPS-7000Cu, in case there may be any installation issues I need to be aware of. If it matters, I plan on using the computer games (Doom 3, HL2...) as the high-end of my software usage.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. 1.) Typical cheap case, modified
    2.) Typical good quality Lian Li case
    3.) Same chassis and manufacturer as the Xaser III, could it have the same problem?

    If you really like the Xaser III, buy it and use an ohmeter or follow the wire colors to make sure it's wired properly, the details can be found at your link under "proof of the problem".

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  2. Your case requirments/preferences are pretty much the same as me. In addition to ryzbre_x's preferences, I'd like my case to come with about 4 fans, so i don't have to bother buying and installing my own. I also want a black case, and I kind of like the acrylic look on the front as opposed to the cheap plastic.

    So please, anyone with any suggestions, post them! We would both appreciate your input.

  3. Well hell, me to ...

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  4. Ok, here's a little update to my pursuit for the perfect case. These are 3 cases that i'm currently interested in:

    Xoxide X-dreamer Black $65 no PSU, 1 side fan
    +$29 400W Icute Dual fan PSU = $95

    Xoxide X-Turbine Black(currently O/S), no PSU $85, 6 fans (two of which are blue led)
    +$29 Dual fan Icute PSU = $115

    Directron TT-461 Black, 320W PSU, 1 side fan, $58
    +$25 420W Silent TT-400SS = $83

    I think i want at least a 350W PS, proly better if a 400W PS, though i'm unsure of the right brand. I think antec and vantec are good from reviews i've read, but by upgrading the PS through the case company (which i prefer), I don't think i can know the brand.

    - I want to have a relatively quiet case, so a quiet PS is kind of important.
    - I'd like to spend around $100 for PS + case, but am willing to spend a little more if someone convinces me that it's worth my while.
    - don't plan on modding much, but wouldn't mind some cool blue fans, maybe a light later down the road.

    If anybody knows anything about these cases/PS's i'd appreciate your input.

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