arrrr....system temp too high! what should i do?

Hi all, I currently own a Lian-Li PC-6something case.
I have total of 4 fans on the computer
2 front intake set speed at high. one top exhaust.
one rare exhaust. and the 2fan enermax PSU.

just got myself a volcano 11 hoping it would lower the
HSF noise I had with my antec aeroflow (the TMD one)
though the CPU TEMP was high even at meddiem speed.
it was wooping 58 degrees IDLE.
I think the system temp, wich is around 41 degrees while
the room temp is around 28 degrees should do something with

what I have in the case is a SB Audigy Plat (so there is this
in/output pannel in my 5 1/4 inch bay)
a 8500 video card, a Leedtech TV tuner card, 2 WD HDD,
noname DVD (which not working after i switch to NF-7S)
, Lite-on CD-RW, AMD 2000+

why is this system running so hot? maybe too many cables
just killed the air flow? do i have to get a big server case
to solve the case?

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  1. What are you using to monitor your temperatures? I've come across several utilities that are almost always wrong.
  2. Your sys temp is high which probably means bad airlfow... try to bing wires together and attach them to the side of the case. Also did you use a thin layer of thermalpaste when installing the HSF?

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  3. The program I used to check temp is what came with my NF7-S

    And yeah, for the HSF I used the whatever silver 3.
    though I bought my volcano 11 from some place called
    for cheap instead of newegg's 11+ like I used to shop =.=
    the volcano 11 didn't have the protection sticker like other
    HSF, and the 'copper' Heat sink was kinda light compare it with
    my good old 7+. and the Heat sink looked kinda being washed
    by acid and that worries me.

    but if you ask me, Yeah my case is filled with wires.
    all the power cables from the PSU, IDE cable, floppy,
    and also this big'o ribben cable for my Audigy Plat

    Funny thing is I just got some round IDE cable, but the system
    temp seem to be higher than before.....(was like 38C when playing games)

    Trix are <font color=red>NOT JUST</font color=red> for kids
  4. This sounds suspicious... the Volcano 11 should be full coper and atleast as heavy as the 7+. I'm starting to wonder the store you bought it gave you a fake one... does it look exactly the same as the ones you can see online at the Thermaltake site?

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
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