Installing XP from Windows 7/32bit/ultimate issue?

Hello i think i have a major problem here i brought a fresh computer parts which i installed it may self also my first time installing a whole desktop it was successful i played many heavy games like Crysis,Cryostasis,OFP2,MASS EFFECT 2,BIOSHOCK 2,etc..without any issue but some part from Windows 7 that i hate although its not totally perfect i still want to go with XP so the problem is came when i try to install XP and reformat my drive C: where Windows 7 is installed after the installation complete the computer restarts now the XP won't load not even a XP loading screen it can't even takes me to desktop i don't have a single clue what is going on so can anyone help me with this? here's my rig

CPU: E7500 (not OC)
MOBO: P5KPL-AM SE (it has a logo of Windows 7 ready i dont know if that thing has something to do with XP)
RAM: 2GB/800 DDR2 KingStone
HDD: 500GB SATA Seagate ( is it true that some issue about installing a Windows XP with SATA HDD? )
GPU: Geforce 9800GT Green

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  1. There are many things you need to look at here..

    Firstly why go XP when you have windows 7, it is better in every way, faster, more secure, better looking, more stable, DX10 for your DX10 9800gt, DX 11 for future upgrades, better visuals, more productive, but then its your choice...

    You will need to ensure that you set the Sata up as IDE in the Bios and not as AHCI unless you have the ACHI drivers ready on a floppy or usb key for the installation of the driver as XP does not do this automatically like Windows 7.

    Using your XP install disk, launch the recovery console and format your hard drive to ntfs from there (. so thre is no OS at all installed on the HDD, then continue the XP install.
    Good luck
  2. I'm not sure about more productive yet - but 7 is the future. However there are many legacy reasons to stick to XP if you are affected by them.

    In the normal XP install process, you will be presented a list of all of the partitions on the drive at the beginning.

    Make sure you delete all partitions (from memory you highlight the partition with the cursor keys, hit delete and then have to press ENTER then L when prompted to confirm). Once there are no partitions listed, proceed with the install and when given the choice on formatting, choose ntfs and not the quick-format option.

    Depending on the size of your hard drive (over 128gb) and the service pack on your XP CD (if you have lower than SP2), you may have to format a smaller than 128gb partition to get XP installed properly and then change it later to full size when you have XP up and running and SP2 or greater installed. I use PartitionMagic to do this job (only takes a minute and doesn't affect data), but there's probably free ways of doing it.
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