Which laptop would be faster?

A core 2 duo merom with a x1800, or a turion with 1 7900 gs 256 megs?

The core 2 duo would be better then the turion, but the 7900 gs would probably be better then the x1800...

Then again, since the turion is sli, it would be better in all, but I'm talking stock, esp. since the core 2 system has a 2 hour battery life =-O.

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  1. There are too many variables, and your question isn't properly defined.

    Which is faster, is the Core 2 Duo, the video card won't make a bit of difference in that. You need to add some sort of condition to gaming or rendering if the GPU is factoring inot it, then you should also note the app you are using as some will utilize the 2 cores and some it won't make a bit of differnce to.

    A Turion isn't Sli just because it is a Turion, the system would need to be Sli. So if we are talking baout 1 video card vs. another, the 7900 GS is probably a faster/better card.

    A Core 2 Duo would wipe the floor with a Turion CPU vs. CPU, that you are right.

    You may want to go to my page and check out the Mobile GPU comparison page and the COre Duo & Turion page, it is in the menu under SPECIFICATIONS

  2. Why not get a laptop with both a Core 2 Duo and a 7900?
  3. Thats the problem. I'm not sure which one would be faster. The core 2 duo would give better cpu power, and the 7900 gs would give better gpu... LOL

    And about getting both...

    I looked at the inspiron line for a good while until i found out it's made of plastic. heh, one good drop and it's dead.

    I could go for a XPS, but my budget is around $2000 for a gaming laptop and the good XPS model is $3400....
  4. This solves your problem, this is better than both worlds, and within your prce range. This is a model I am thinking of adding to bridge the gap in price ranges.

    RONIN Chassis ~limited~
    17" screen WXGA+ 1440 x 900 resolution
    Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 Ghz
    7900 GTX 512 Mb
    80 Gig 7,200 rpm Hard Drive
    1 gig DDR2-667 RAM
    108 Mbps a/b/g/G+ wireless
    DL-DVD Burner
  5. That;'s about $500 more then my budget for a laptop :P

    The thing is, while I have 4 high powered pcs, and a total of 17 pcs (I even have a tandy 1000 and a couple commodore 64s!), I'm not super huge on laptops. maybe I'll get that way, but the budget isn't going over $2000 for now.
  6. Also, I think the Area 51 m5750 is beginning to grow on me. Built to last, x1800, core 2 duo, long battery life for a desktop replacement, cool, seems to be exactly what I'd want for my first laptop...
  7. Good luck.

    Why don't you come back to the forum and post your experience an a month or so with that Alienware.
  8. Hum...

    Do you know of something in the $2000 range? Exact $2000? I'm still open for stuff, haven't bought anything yet.
  9. See your PM. I can't directly sell on Tom's, they don't like it.
  10. Bottom line with KillerNotebooks is that Mark uses all quality parts and he's easy to deal with. I've had my Wakizaki for a week and I'm very happy with it. It won't hurt to PM him the least you'll get out of it is an idea of whats out there.

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