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I know that 3.5" enclusures for portable hard drive use exist, but the problem is that they require an AC adaptor; which definitely defeats the purpose of using a portable hard drive with a laptop. I also know that you can get 2.5" enclosures (for laptop hard disks) that draw power from either a high power USB 2/FireWire port or the PS/2 port, allowing you to travel with your hard drive.

Laptop hard drives are both too expensive and too small for me to justify buying one for portable use. I'm looking for a portable 120 gig HD that does not need an AC adaptor, in any way I can get that under $300. Any ideas?

Is there such a thing as a 3.5" enclosure that can somehow draw power from the laptop?

Thanks alot in advance.
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    Check that out. I think it gets powered off the USB port, but it isn't clear about that.

    That seems to be just about the only 1 I found, but I am sure there are others out there.

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  2. That's actually one of the laptop HD's that I've found around but the problem is that they can't get very big and they are incredibly expensive. So, I'm looking for a 3.5" unless there is a great deal for a 2.5". Maybe there is some kind of device that can replace a external hard drive's AC adaptor and plug it into the PS/2 port instead?

    Thanks all the same, I appreciate your help.
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