Having trouble installing rivers and software


Im having trouble installing some software and a driver for an external sound-card/audio-interface.
I have not had this problem before and iv had the package for 2 years. I had to uninstall the program/software because of some problems i was having with the it and now iv run into another problem. Pretty much now it is impossible for me to install and uninstall the software because if i install it from the start i get the 2343 error.
If i try to do a repair-install then it says that the Directory does not exist. And im not able to uninstall it because it does not show in 'programs' in the control panel.

Sorry if im not making much sense but i find it a little hard to explain. Basically i need to find out how to fix a 2343 error which i cannot find how to do anywhere.

So can somebody please help me out and tell me how to fix my problem.

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  1. Actually dont worry i fixed it. I think running avg cleanup fixed it
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