Windows 7 loses focus (minimizes to desktop)

Hello everybody, I have strange problem. Windows 7 keeps minimizing every hour to desktop no matter what is running. I did a lot of googling but could not find the reason for this problem.

I ran process explorer just before the time it should lose focus and only one program launched a minute before it does so, taskhost.exe. I tried to run with all processes killed (including explorer.exe) and that also gave good result, it didn't minimize, however I know not which of the processes does this.

I first noticed the problem as screensaver quits on it's own after a while (despite the fact it has to quit on click or key press)

Can somebody please help me with this problem?
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  1. Do you have Games for WIndows Live or Microsoft Windows Live ID starting up ? Try updating that software if yes, one of their versions caused focus loss.
  2. Did you ever figure this out? My computer has been doing the same thing, every single hour, at exactly the same minute of the hour (though this minute varies depending on when I last rebooted the computer it seems). It minimizes a full screen game, takes focus from a full screen video, etc. Lots of googling and trial/error stuff and I cannot come up with anything. No new recent installs or anything I can identify either.
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