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I have a problem with my computer (HP Pavilion Dv7) running windows 7.
Afther I login (normal mode) I get to see my desktop, I can still move my mouse.
But as soon as I click on something (Start button, item from taskbar, traymenu) it freezes and I can't move my mouse anymore. The ctrl+shift+esc (taskmgr) doesn't work anymore and ctrl+alt+del also doesn't work.

If I press the ctrl+alt+del afther 10 mins of waiting I get a black screen and a warning message that it couldn't load the screen and I should press 'esc' to go back or if the system doesn't respond anymore I needed to press the power button.

If I wait for 10 mins or more then I can finally start to move my mouse again but as soon as I click something it starts all over again.

The only way I can use my computer is to boot into safe mode. Then everything works fine.

I already tried to restore my computer to a auto backup made +- 10 days before it happend. But that didn't do anything. Windows was preinstalled on my computer, so I can't reinstall windows as I do not have the original cd/dvd.

Or is there a way to reinstall windows (without having to pay)? Because if I want a disk from HP I need to pay.
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  1. Download the OS into a dvd. Somewhere in your PC must be a Windows OS serial. Use that one. But first try it.

    Can you give some computer spcifications?

    Good Luck!
  2. Hi miimario221,

    I already found the problem it was my anti virus service causing all the problems (Avast Internet Security) afther reinstalling it the problems were gone.

    There are still alot of other problems because of me messing with the computer settings that will eventually make it stop working ^^.

    So what do I exactly need to have to be able to reinstall my OS (never done it before).
    - Is there a place where I can download it (legally)
    - Does the dvd need to have a specific size or just anything larger then the windows image?
    - Can I still use my serial?

    Thank you (should I post this in a new thread?)
  3. Look in your laptop manual, will tell you how to do a full restore. There should be a restore partition you an boot to, and probably a utility installed in the Program list that will create a setup DVD to use.
  4. Look in Google for a Serial checker first. If its valid you can download the Windows 7 evaluation (your OS edition) in the Microsoft page
    The disk must be a DVD-/+ 4.7 Gb.
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