How to convert 64-bits operating system to 32-bits

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  1. You can't "convert" 64-bit operating system to 32-bit. You can format your existing 64-bit installation & install 32-bit OS.
  2. As said before you can't

    But you CAN run a virtual machine if you need it for some special program.
  3. amtay, a 64 bit Operating System can not be "converted" to a 32 bit operating system. As to why, it's because a 64 bit OS sends literally 64-bits of data in one clock cycle whereas a 32 bit OS sends literally 32 bits of data in one clock cycle. You'd have to rewrite the entire OS to send data in two clock cycles instead of one for it to work in 32bit and at that point (even if it's theoretically possible) performance would be cut in half as it would take twice as long to transfer the same data.

    I'm always amazed when I see these threads.
  4. Shouldn't need to with Windows Vista and Windows 7; the 64bit versions have a hybrid kernel that allows them to run 32bit applications.

    Also noted in earlier posts, you can't just convert the OS. You either re-install, or run a virtual machine with the 32bit OS.
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