How much should I pay for this !`

My friend wants to sell me his Dell Inspiron XPS
here's the specs

How much do you think it's worth ?
If you need more info ask and I'll post.
And I'm confused about something
CPU type says P4EE does that mean it's Extreme Edition ! however the BIOS, CPUZ and Everest say nothing about this !!!
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  1. Maybe four or five hundred dollars.
    That was a real bad time for notebooks, when they were underpowered so manufacturers put desktop chips in them and called them "desktop replacements" it's just not a good combo. that and a 9700 video card is pretty much complete dirt now.

    Like Yahoo Majhong level video card. You can see a lot of these systems on Ebay in the form of Alienware, I think it was Area 51 m7700 maybe, going for between $300 - $700.

    It is also good because the winter is coming and you can put it in your trunk for extra traction weight, or flip it on and that desktop CPU will crank out so much heat it will melt the snow you're stuck in. If all else fails you can throw it under your back tire too.

    All joking aside, if you don't need the GPU, the thing is going to be more than enoguh for regular use... except for the memory, it could use more of that, and trying to find that now will cost you some change.
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