Need help deciding between 2 KNs

My biggest requirement is a 15.4" screen. The 17" screens are to big to lug around campus all day. So that narrows it down the the Wakazachi and the Zatoichi.

The specs would be the same:

1-1gb dimm DDR2 - 667
100 GB 7200 RPM

The Zatoichi would have TL-52 1.6 Ghz 2x512 cache, Nvidia7600 256 MB and EIDE HDD.

The Wakazachi would have the T25oo Duo Core 2.0 Ghz, ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1600 GPU 256MB, SATA HDD and maybe the WSXGA screen.

Any thoughts anyone?
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  1. Zatoichi is a better machine vs. the standard Core Duo I think.
    I think the DVI & VGA outputs are nice on the Zat and overali, I think it is a better build.

    It is what I am using right now while my Executioner is being reviewed and I really like it.
  2. I completely agree with Mark.

    I am so impressed that I am plannig for a ZAT instead of a WAKIZACHI.

  3. Even the case it comes with is nice. I have one sitting right here fully loaded 2 gigs: 100 - 7,200: Turion TL-60: BlueTooth: 108 MBps wireless and a K|N Brand. I was actually thinking of dying the top cover over the K|N Brnad to "ghost" the logo image. Blue, Red, Black... order it up and I'll do it whatever color you want. :D

    This is what the brand looks like, but this is a Wakizachi. On the Zatoichi, there is a name plate in the center of the lid, and I had the guy blast the logo in extra deep. I think it will turn out reallt cool ghosted, and you might not get as many gawkers.
  4. TL60 beats the heck out of my TL28.
  5. Well, I have a Wakizachi that I bought a couple of months ago. If the Zatoichi had been available at that time, I would have had a hard time deciding, too. If you look at the mobile gpu chart on KN's site, the ATI X1600 looks better, that will be an important factor when gaming, maybe Mark should post benchmarks for the 2 systems side by side so anyone can objectively decide based on that criteria.
    The 2 machines are very comparable, the DVI port on the Zatoichi would be nice. If you get the Z, I'd like to hear from you in a couple of months to see how you like it.
  6. If you upgrade your CPU to the C2D though, you are going to have more gaming power. From what i have read, I don't see why the Quad C2D wouldn't work in a 945 PM chipset motherboard. I mean, the Kentsfield desktop chip works in desktop MB's designed for the C2D (like ASUS and Abit)

    If you want to sell your Wakizachi, email me the spec's you have now and what you want for it, because I have a lot of people that want systems, that can't afford a full blown notebook. That's pretty much with all my customers.

    BOSS, I tolf you I was gonna hook you up man... send me a PM
  7. Does the AMD chipset not work with ATI? Also, are the cpus and video cards soldered onto the board or can I upgrade later down the road? Sorry for the ignorant questions. I am new to the whole laptop world.

    Also, on the case. Can I get it unetched but died blue?

    Thanks for the help.
  8. AMD actually just bought ATi, but historically you are correct that AMD was primarily nVidia.

    In my mid-range notebooks like the Wakizachi and the Zatoichi, the GPU is soldered onto the motherboard, but the CPU is slotted (it can be upgraded).

    You can get it dyed blue on the cover, sure. just add $20 for the material and labor on it (I need to take the whole LCD apart to do it properly).
  9. What software comes pre-installed on your computers?
  10. I didn't mean that I'm not happy with my Wakizachi, I'm quite content. It's exactly what I need. It's good to know that I could upgrade the CPU sometime in the future.
  11. To upgrade is a very simple process, if you ever need to shoot me an email. ;) A simple BIOS flash does it. It will work without the BIOS update, but there is a little trick you need to do to get it to post.
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