Just upgraded to Audigy 2 from SB Live!

Ok, first off I don't feel like much has improved. The fidelity on my sub sounds a little cleaner which I like. But so far the Audigy 2 hasn't justified it's purchase.

But I have a question:

The line-in is the standard green plug which I plug in to the green hole. There is an orange hole for digital output. I have <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?DEPA=&submit=Go&description=klipsch+2.1+thx" target="_new">Klipsch 2.1 THX</A> speakers. I would assume these $168 speakes have digital capabilities. But there is no orange plug.

How, or rather is it possible to get digital output from these speakers and if so would there be a noticeable difference?

Is there anything I should be doing to get better performance out of this setup?

Note: When calibrating(which does jack sh*t) my speakers through the Audigy 2 settings, it says I've wired my cables wrong. It says I've put the red wire in the black slot and vice versa. But I double checked and I wired them correctly. Why would it say this?

For anyone kind enough to help a brotha out...THANK YOU!


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  1. The digital output is for hooking the card up to an external digital decoder, such as a receiver with a Dolby Digital input or a Minidisc recorder. Don't feel like your missing out on something just because you aren't using the digital output.

    There <i>are</i> PC speaker systems on the market with digital inputs, such as the Creative Inspire 5.1 system, but its really nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I'm sure Creative wants you to feel like your missing out on the "full digital experience", just so that you'll buy their speakers with the digital inputs. Hell, you can actually buy <A HREF="http://www.krups.com/us/products/index.cfm?page=prod.cfm&query=uni=KUCHE&fam=81&gam=248&prod=286&navbas=on" target="_new">"digital" toasters</A> now. Freakin ridiculous. "Digital toaster" has about as much meaning as "compass paper-towel dispenser". To marketing execs, digital=better, so they slap the word on everything nowadays.

    The term "digital speakers" is really just another marketing gimmick, as speakers are by their very nature, analog. "Digital speaker" ranks right up there with "digital toaster" in my opinion.

    The only difference between so-called "digital" speakers and regular speakers, is <i>where</i> the signal is decoded. For normal speakers, the soundcard decodes the digital signal and outputs the analog signal to the speakers through your standard speaker jacks on the back of the card. For "digital" speakers, the digital signal is simply passed through the digital output, to a decoder built-in to the speakers somewhere, which then converts the signal into analog, and again, sends it to the speakers.

    So unless the digital decoder on the speaker system is much better than the one on the card itself, then it really doesn't matter where the signal is decoded, either on the card or in the speaker system. Either way it has to be converted to an analog signal before it can be played through the speakers. Its all just a marketing gimmick.

    If you ever decide you want to turn your PC into a home theatre PC, or if you want to record music on your PC to minidisc or something, then you'll have a real use for the digital output. Until then, just ignore the digital output and be happy with your setup. Its fine just as it is.

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  2. Thanks alot syndil! You really put my mind at ease now. I guess I just wasn't giving enough credit to how good this setup actually does sound with the proper sound files pushing it. But when you spend $168 and $78 for speakers and a sound card respectively, you are gonna try to get that extra bit out of the setup so you feel you're getting your money's worth.

    The more time that passes, the happier I am with my setup. I mean, I just re-installed SOF2 to check out the EAX setup with my Audigy 2. Wow! The difference is night and day with this setting enabled. Good stuff.

    If anyone else has any ideas on this topic, please feel free to reply. Thanks.


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
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