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Last January, Sprint initiated a new 2-year contract on my account. I hadn't asked for it, or even called them in that period. Anyway, I realized it a couple of months later when looking at the account online. I called and asked what was up, and they said I must have asked for it, but couldn't offer any reason to support that. They did mention that I had been getting a $5 discount. Anyway, they eventually agreed to revert me to the old plan, which meant charging me for the dicounted amount, and doing some weird stuff. They claimed they couldn't just revert it back because of the "computer" wouldn't let them, that plan no longer existed, etc... but intead were going to make a note in the account indicating the correct contract expiration date. This required multiple phone calls and considerable time to work out, so I decided I would not be renewing once the contract was up. Several months later, after the contract expiration, I switched to T-Mobile. Immediately, I could no longer access my old account information via Sprint's website, but I wan't too concerned about that, I figured they could send a bill if I owed anything. Well, a few weeks later I received a bill from Sprint's collections dep't charging me an early termination fee for both phones on the account, as well as some other unidentified costs... So of course I called back, and after talked to several different people, all of whom insisted that my contract had not expired and said there was no mention of it in my account records. Eventually I spoke to someone in the collections dep't, explained my situation, then was put on hold for fifteen minutes while she talked to a manager. Fortunately, she came back an said that the manager had approved a $0 balance on my account. In other words, they dropped the charges. over the phone they wouldn't give me any kind of confirmation number I could refer to in the future, but did agree to send me a "zero-balance" letter, which never came.
The interesting thing is that last week, a friend of mine happened to describe an almost identical scenario with his Sprint account. They haad extended his contract and given him a $3 discount, all without his consent. He called and complained, and got the same run around as did, with the same result.
My question is, how many people is this happening to? If this is more than just an accident, Sprint could be liable for considerable damages. Can I join a class action suit?
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  1. I know what it is like dealing with sprint. I am in the Navy and get deployed. A few years ago when I was returning from a deployment to Northeast Africa our ship stopped in Guam, a US territory. There was a PCS signal showing on my phone so I called Sprint and asked if they had service in Guam and they said they did, which they did not. So I paid for two extra weeks of unused service. It turned out I was talking to someone from India who had no clue about Guam. Seven months later I cancel the subscription because I was being sent to Japan for three years. I went to a Sprint store to send everything in and make sure it was squared away so I wouldn't be charged. They turned off the service for a month and then turned it back on again a month after I had left for Japan. A year later I get a notice about how they were ruining my credit. I had no idea they had slammed my account back on. Slamming is where phone companies sign you up for service without you knowing. They let the bill run for six months before stopping it. I was never able to clear it despite running up huge phone bills on overseas calls that were pinballed from one supervisor to the next who were playing a delay and play ignorant game. These people seem to think money grows on trees and we shouldn't mind paying for no service. They also know these bills are too small to take up legal action and someone who is overseas without ready legal service can be played with. No PCS for me anymore.
  2. Just want to add my wifes woes to what Sprint has done, and continues to do. This is a letter I wrote to Sprints CEO, on her behalf. His office received it on Friday March 30, 2007.

    I am very interested in finding someone in senior management to talk with who can help with our situation.

    This is the letter:

    March 29, 2007

    Mr. Gary D. Forsee
    Sprint Nextel Corp.
    2001 Edmund Halley Drive
    Reston, VA 20191

    RE: Sprint PCS balance due of $133.00 validity and identity

    Dear Mr. Forsee,

    I am writing to you concerning a recent challenge that I have experienced with your company and am seeking your assistance in resolving it.


    •Sprint PCS phone number: ###-###-#### with contract March 2003 – March 2005

    •July of 2005 changed service to Verizon initiated by Verizon store

    •Received and paid final Sprint phone bill in August 2005

    •November 2005 received a $133.00 fee with no explanation

    •Contacted Sprint Customer care who informed me that they had no information about the fee, but that it is valid and must be paid

    •Received a bill from Afni, Inc credit company February 2006

    •Contacted Afni, Inc.who refused to provide any information until the $133.00 was paid

    •February 2007 received derogatory credit information stating balance of $133.00 past due reported by Afni, Inc. on behalf of Sprint

    •On 2/12/07 contacted Sprint PCS and was shuffled three times between Customer Care, Collections and finally your hired collection agency, Afni. All of who confirmed a balance but could not identify the charge.

    •On 3/28/07 I once again contacted Sprint Customer Care who transferred me to Collections (spoke with Alan – very nice and seemed to care) who confirmed a $133.00 balance but could not identify the charge.

    As a Sales Manager for (Name of employer) I am very aware of how important customer service is. We value our clients and do our best to resolve matters where they are unsatisfied. I am extremely unsatisfied with the service I have received regarding this charge from Sprint. I am still one of your customers and have a Sprint phone through my company at: ###-###-####. My credit has been adversely affected by this $133.00 charge that was reported to the three Credit Bureaus. I am four months pregnant and am in the process of securing a mortgage for my new home which is predicated upon resolving this matter.

    I am asking for your assistance in resolving this with what I believe to be the only two rational outcomes:

    •If the charge is valid please identify what the charge is for (so I may pay what I owe) but rectify all negative remarks reported by Sprint PCS and Afni, Inc. to the three Credit Bureaus as a zero balance and never delinquent. I believe that this is fair and rational since the situation could have been avoided from the very beginning in November 2005 when I first inquired about the $133.00 charge.

    •If the $133.00 charge is not valid and the result of an inadvertent error please rectify all negative remarks reported by Sprint PCS and Afni Inc. to the three Credit Bureaus as a zero balance and never delinquent.

    I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. I can be reached via:

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