no sound through speakers on Compaq Presario V3070TU


Well i jus bought a brand new Compaq V3070TU laptop

Intel core duo T2050
Mobile 945G chipset ( i think)
512MB ddr2
60GB hdd
GMA 950

well it shipped with DOS only.I have installed windows xp proffessional with servicepack 2 and have installed all the drivers that were provided in compaq's website.But still i am not getting any sound through its altec lansing speakers. :( The problem i guess, is not with the speakers as there were 2 such laptops and both of them dont produce any sound.

While plugging in the heaphone's i can hear a low volume very distorted sound.

What seems to be the problem.If there are any suggestion or guides from the respected members of this forum it would be highly appreciated.I am getting highly frustrated because of the problem.Thank u all

~~DiGiTaLL DreamZZ~~
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  1. I know this doesn't get your speakers working, but this is a decent product to solve the problem a different way:
    USB speakers

    Should take care of it if it is the speaker OR the sound card.
  2. got the same problem with the same laptop model. I gave it to HP Service Centre for repairing. They called up today & said that it's because of windows xp's sound driver (not the hardware), and that they have asked microsoft to send them a driver(customised to solve this prob) for it. They said they would contact me tomorrow, so let's see how it turns out.
  3. heyyy me tooo i face the same prob wid the same model as u guys.. so plsoft wht reply did u get? is it workin for u now? lemme know pls.. and if possible snd over the driver setup plsss man.. :roll:
  4. i too got the same trouble. any of u have that driver still with u?
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