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Can i put in a P4-M with a 533 fsb is this laptop, or is it just for 400 fsb? It has the 1.7M in it now, but i would like to give it a little more. I will also be upgrading to 1G of memory also. This is just the last that i can do for this thing, its a good machine and id hate to have to give it up.
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  1. Hi there,
    the answer is no. You can only put CPU's with 400mhz FSB. The fastest cpu that can be used is a 2.6. I recently upgraded my stock 1.6 to a 2.2. took 6 minutes to replace and it went great. it's much faster now. Though for you to get the max speed it needs to be connceted to the ac adapter, otherwise it goes into conservation mode where it drops the cpu speed.

    btw, if you didn't know this, Dell's specs tell you only 1 gb (2x512) can work. But this info is old and many use 2gb (2x1gb) in theri system with no problems..check the link..

    here's a link to help you out:
  2. I tried to upgrade my INspiron 8200 from a 1.8 to a 2.4, but it would not run any faster than 1.8. I called Dell and they suggested that I buy a new mobo from them... :roll: yeah....that'll fix it. But now the old processor won't run over 789 MHZ!
  3. Depends what processor you put in. Not all the processors that are P4M 2.4's will work. use CPUZ to see what the specs are:
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