How i can make bootable cd of win 7

i have question i am trying to make bootable cd of windows 7 but cant make it am trying from ages.
i also got know that i make to comvert files .all files in iso .i download iso pro throught i did and it created some file says new.iso same place.i then burn cd but still not bootable please let me know how i can make bootable cd of win 7 .i have all the complete files including boot imgr ....please give me detail guidance please please.
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  1. what are you trying to add to your windows disc?
  2. Its a nice bit of trouble, you'll need a copy of win 7 already on disc to extract the boot sectors on it. I used poweriso for the final burn, There are guides out on the webble but you'll have to look around.
  3. Go to control panel; backup and restore; create a repair disk. This disk will boot win7 and offer repair options and restore options from back ups you may have created.
  4. i have cd from my friend and got key of it we purchsed together but its only one disk i copy all the files from disk but when i burn them on disk its not bootable
  5. Ah now I understand you are trying to steal a copy of windows. This type of help (to pirate software) is not supported here. I do not believe the license grants two users the right to install on the same key. So what you want to do is illegal. This thread should be closed by a mod. Go buy a legit copy and you will have no trouble installing it.
  6. but i been told from my friend that we can use on 2 pcs and u can make copy of it as well .i shared money on it .the thing you just said means that my friend ripped off money from me.if contact microsoft regarding that will they help me in that or not
  7. OK is it a full retail or OEM version. The license is different. However what you want to do violates all MS terms. Take a look here ( MS is very clear that there be one user of the key only and that it is installed on one system only. Depending on the version (retail or oem) you may or may not re-use your key on another system if the original system is no longer in use. When you go to activate the key/system on your comp. it will be seen as a different one from your friends and will not activate. In short one key active on one system at a time (OEM versions may not be transferred to a second system even if the original is no longer in use). GL
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