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Does anyone know of a review on warranties? We will no longer be purchasing CRTs at my place of employment but before we standarize on a certain flat panel I want to make sure that we are buying flat panels with decent warranties. I know some only offer one year while others offer three year. Some have a three dead pixel policy while others will allow 5 dead pixels.

So if anyone can offer some advice on where to find a possible review on some flat panel manufacturer warranties that would be great. Thanks.
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  1. I know nec has a 2 or 3 dead pixel pollicy
    and 3 year warranty (i think its one of the best if not the best warranties)
    But a little priceier than that same panel by a different manufacturer

    System Spec's:
    3.2e @3.8ghz
    klipsch ultra's

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  2. Planar has a 3 bad pixel and 3 year warranty. They also have a "customer first" policy, where they will ship a new monitor immediately. Then you return the bad one in the new packaging.
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