Getting I/O Monitor Initialize Error on startup

I just installed windows xp pro. Everything works fine, except just today, for some reason I am getting this error message at startup

"I/O Monitor Initialize Error
Filter 32.vxd Virtual Device driver could not be found"

Everything works fine on my computer though, so I don't think it's much a problem, but it's quite annoying.
As I was searching through my computer it looked like that file was part of "Trend PC-Cillin 2000" but when I deleted it I still got the error message.

Also, I have the SoundBlaster Audigy and I want to get rid of that stupid Creative splash screen at startup. I had it turned off when I was running win98, but I had to reinstall the drivers for the audigy and now I can't find the listing for the splash screen in msconfig. Anyone know what I should do to get rid of it?

Oh yeah, and how do I keep windows messenger from popping up for good? I keep turning it off in msconfig but it keeps coming back......grrrrr

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  1. hm.....nevermind, this time I deleted the pc-cillin program and then I took out the startup options for the program and now the error message goes away.....
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