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I have installed Windows 7 64 bit with a P5KC motherboard. I have updated to the latest drivers published by Intel, but when I run any one of the many driver update "check" programs, they all consistently report my drivers are out of date, particularly USB host controller and p35 express chipset PCI root port. Not really familiar with what they all mean. The only symptom I have is that certain software designed to do its own back ups (eg Quicken) fail to back up to a USB drive. They report the drive is not ready, but I can copy directly to the drive manually. Am i being conned by these check up applications?
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  1. As long as your system is running fine, why trust those programs? I never use them. The only update program I trust is myself: I go and regularly check the websites of the various hardware manufacturers of the hardware I own to see if they have the latest/greatest drivers.
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    If your using the latest Intel INF update and W7 update doesn't find any other drivers, you system is good to go and its Quicken causing issues.

    Only solution I can see, is to backup to a temp location on HDD and then manually copy to USB.
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