Flight Sim 2002, will it run?

I currently own a 1.1Ghz athlon system with 512mb ram and a Ge-Force2 GTS graphics card, I'm using windows ME. I had flight sim 2000 and I thought that it ran really poorly on my computer, it was fine when flying high and stright but the frame rate really dropped when turning at low altitude. I downloaded a patch and that made little difference.

What I really want to know is will FS2002 run any better than 2000 did? Did ne1 else have problems with FS2000? FS2002 looks like an exelent game but I have to know it will run well before splashing out that kinda money.
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  1. Did u bought the GeForce 2 GTS single or in a complete computer system?? CuS you should had bought a ATI Radeon 7500. It's better then al GeForce 2, and comes close to the GeForce 3.

    Try overclocking with POWERTRIP
    update al your drivers.

    peace out
  2. Sorry about the troll.
    I don't know anybody that has FS 2002 but maybe somebody will answer.
    I would think it would take more resources than FS 2000.


    :smile: <font color=blue><b>You get what you pay for...all advice here is free.</b></font color=blue> :smile:
  3. Wow! ATI trolls are increasing! GO NVIDIA GO! GO ATI GO! GO COMPETITION GO! :wink:

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  4. Always glad to see poeple who love Flight sims-)
    2000 had bad 3d code...2002 has good 3d code...,but
    FS 2002 does take more resources to run than FS 2000 did. The graphics are really quite amazing, best i've seen in a flight sim yet. You can turn down the options a whole lot but if you cant get 2000 to run smoothly then i'd bet 2002 wont either. The code is alot better written in 2002 but like i said, its alot more advanced and resource hungry too.
    My suggestion for getting it to run smoothly is to upgrade that graphics card with a GF4 440MX. They run around 120 dollars online.
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