ASUS vs. ACER! Please Help :(

Ok, I want to buy new laptop, but I have very limited resources, so which one should I buy:

Intel® Celeron® M390 1.7Ghz (1MBL2c/FSB400)
ATI Express 200, 256 MB DDR2
1500MB DDR2 533 Mhz
15.4" XGA Color shine (1280x800)
60 GB, 4200 rpm, P-ATA 10


Intel® Core™ Solo T1350 CPU 1.83 GHz (L2 Cache: 1024K, FSB 667 MHz)
NVIDIA® GeForceGo 7300 with 128MB
1000MB DDR2
15.4" WXGA TFT LCD CrystalBrite (1280×800)
60GB, IDE ATA 100,5400 rpm

I know Acer is a favourite in this race, but is this ASUS that bad?

P.S. Acer should run San Andreas and Fear without problems, but can ASUS do the same?
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  1. IMO I've never had any problems with asus products, I've had many many many problems with Acer.

    But the Specs of the Acer drops big poos on the Asus.

    I would go with the Acer..
  2. Asus is a reliable hardware manufacturer. Its notebooks are made to be durable. If you feel uneasy about Acer, Asus brand won't disappoint you. Asus notebook needs extra RAM that's all. It will play Fear without any problem.
  3. For what it is worth, I was facing the same choice and went with the Asus after reading this review . . .

    $350 Lightweight Laptop Showdown: Acer vs Asus

    I've only had it for a few days, too soon to make any definitive claims. But so far it has been really REALLY fantastic!
  4. Asus is the best computer! Durability and Fast!!!
  5. Thread = 3 years old. Let it die.
  6. acer is awsome asus is the worst
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